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Don Boys, PhD Biography

Evangelist and former USA Today columnist
Pro to the question "Should Churches (Including Mosques, Synagogues, etc.) Remain Tax-Exempt?"

“When there was discussion about bringing churches under the new Social Security system in the days of President Franklin Roosevelt, he quickly replied, ‘But that would be taxing God!’ And so it would…

Churches should not pay taxes because the government does not have the authority to demand it!

Does not the Constitution clearly prohibit the government from making any law restricting religion? Does not the ability to tax actually mean the ability to control – or destroy? I thought most of us believed in the separation of church and state (but not separation of God and state), but if so, how can any government entity presume to tax the church? After all, a ‘higher’ always taxes a ‘lower,’ and will any Bible believer maintain that government is over the Church of the Living God? I thought Christ was preeminent over all.”

“Should Churches Pay Taxes?,”, 1997

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