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Rick Perrin, MDiv, ThM Biography

Former Chairman of the Board at World Reformed Fellowship
Pro to the question "Should Churches (Including Mosques, Synagogues, etc.) Remain Tax-Exempt?"

“If the government begins to tax contributions… [c]hurches may well resist payment of those taxes, even to the point of closing the church’s doors. The simple reason is that this is money given by the people to God in response to his command to serve him through tithes and offerings. This is money to which the government has no right, and to seek it violates a law that God has established which overrides government authority. Literally the government would be robbing God. That is not a safe thing to do.

But should the confiscation of church giving come to pass, it would reduce a church’s income significantly. Would the government claim twenty-five percent? Add that to the loss of a tax deduction on the part of donors, and a church’s income might be reduced by fifty percent, for the government would be taking money away from the donor through personal taxation that he currently has available to give to his church.”

“The Case for Churches to Remain Tax Exempt,”, Aug. 5, 2016

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Chairman of the Board, World Reformed Fellowship, 1994-2016
  • Minister, Presbyterian Church, 1975-2016
  • Senior Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Feb. 2009–June 2014
  • Pastor, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Aug. 1991–Jan. 2009
  • MDiv, ThM, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 1972
  • BA, Westminster College, 1969
  • Wrote a weekly blog called ReTHINK to comment on current events from a spiritual perspective
  • Died on Apr. 13, 2016
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Pro & Con Quotes: Should Churches (Including Mosques, Synagogues, etc.) Remain Tax-Exempt?