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Pro to the question "Should Churches (Defined as Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues, etc.) Remain Tax-Exempt?"

“I would argue that subjecting churches to property taxes is a bad idea. The excesses of some Christian merchants aside, Churches are not profit-making entities. Many smaller churches struggle to make monthly expenses like salary and mortgage. Subjecting churches to property taxes would be a major burden on many smaller churches already struggling to get by and would therefore be a restriction on religious freedom…

Some have complained that it is ‘unconstitutional’ to exempt churches (or mosques, synagogues, temples, and so forth) from taxation. It isn’t. So long as government does not show favoritism by picking and choosing which religions (or denominations) to exempt and which to tax, there is no ‘respecting an establishment of religion’ and therefore no Constitutional problem…

Finally, despite the claims of some, exempting churches from taxation is not the same as a subsidy. If I do not take $10 from your wallet, I am not ‘giving’ you $10 – I am letting you keep what is yours. (Or in the case of churches, what was donated.) If I hand you a $10 bill and you place it in your wallet, that is a subsidy. Church members are already taxes [sic], both on income and property so there is no need to tax the money twice.”

“Should Churches Pay Taxes?,”, June 24, 2009

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