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 Hip Hughes explains the Johnson Amendment, how it passed, and what its pros and cons are.
Source: Hip Hiughes, "The Johnson Amendment Explained,", Feb. 2, 2017

 Bill Maher makes his case for why he believes churches should pay taxes.
Source: Real Time with Bill Maher, "Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Tax the Churches,", Apr. 15, 2016

 Dr. Frank Wright talks about what it means for churches to be tax exempt from his point of view.
Source: Truths That Transform - Commentaries, "Should Churches Pay Taxes?,", Apr. 27, 2017

 Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura explains why he doesn't think churches should be tax-exempt.
Source: Jesse Ventura's Off the Grid, "Televangelists Don't Pay Taxes and It's Legal,", Aug. 26, 2015